Monthly Archives : October 2019

Gonzaga bay, a new anchorage to start the season

With Migel’s help pulling on dock lines we squeezed between a few boats on our zigzag course to the center of the alleyway. Then a one eighty spin got us pointed towards the mouth of the harbor. Everything was looking good as we slowly motored along watching the depth, as it can be tricking getting to open water. However, with…

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Waiting on a weather window

Once in a slip it was time to find a weather window. This ended up being three days on the dock, but it allowed us some fun with friends. Cabrales’s yard has a Friday night bonfire/BBQ, which was a great chance to meet some other cruisers. Sandra hollered out, “Hi Strikhedonia” as I arrived and after chatting with Salish Dragon…

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Work, work, work, the season begins!

The season had the best start ever with my friends CJ and Jack picking me up from the airport in Phoenix. That made the three hour trip to Puerto Pensaco so so much easier than the 11 hour bus ride to Guaymas like the previous two season kick offs. Damn, commissioning a boat in the desert is tough work. Dreaming…

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