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Cleaning Yanmar 3YM30 Heat Exchangers

Two engines means two chances to get it right. Or to screw it up… Clip the zip tie holding the coolant hose Remove the alternator belt guard Remove the lower bolt from the back side of the alternator Loosen both the front and back bolt holding the alternator Remove the alternator belt Remove the alternator cables Zip tie the alternator…

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What is a little pee?

With only getting time aboard about once per month, upon arrival there is a routine I have to “exerciser” the systems. The pumps (fresh water and HVAC), the thru-hulls, the engine fluids, and the critical head test and purge. Guess what failed… The starboard head bowl filled nicely with seawater. The evacuation, not so much. Great, one more project to…

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Sadly, all good things must come to an end

Ensenada is a working port, and as such it is dusty and dirty. While boat washing is less critical, here it is a requirement. As is cleaning dock lines, sail stack, blocks, anything that moves. When I moved Strikhedonia down to CruisePort in Ensenada July of 2014 I got lined up a guy to wash her every two weeks. His…

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