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Snorkeling in Bahia Puerto Balandra

We stopped over in Balandra for a few days before the final, short hop into La Paz. This is home to the famous, and somewhat underwhelming, feature “Mushroom” rock. As it often the case it was smaller that expected and was rebuilt a number of years ago after it collapsed. Still it was something to check off the list. We…

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The energizer bunny that is Vicki

We had a beautiful sunrise our final day in Los Frailes. Our last day in Los Frailes, I decide to not scuba dive but Vicki was still keen to give it a go. So I dinghied her in to shore and walked with her to the road. With all of her dive gear walking to Cabo Pulmo was out of…

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Hitchhiking in Mexico to Cabo Pulmo

Our second day in Los Frailes, Vicki and I made the trek to the nearby Cabo Pulmo where the dive shops were located for the Pulmo reef (a protected national park). It was about four and a half miles but our friends on Thelastic clued us in to hitchhiking to shorten the trip. I had never hitchhiked before but I…

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