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Thanksgiving in San Juanico

I love when a plan comes together. Often times when there is calm weather a west wind will form overnight and then dissipate a few hours after sunrise. We took advantage of this phenomenon and sailed north to San Juanico. Well at least half the way. Which in the Sea of Cortez, when on a schedule, is unusual. Feeling the…

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Perfect night for a beach bonfire

The winds toyed with us, what started as a day motoring turned into motorsailing then the winds reach just high enough for us to shut off the engine. Slipping through the water a 3.5 knots we didn’t have a care in the world. For five minutes. The winds promptly dropped and along with it our speed – 3 knots, 2.5…

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Halloween Party in Santispac

Halloween! Berth’s was having a party but we were ready for some place new. Santispac would give us better protection from the forecast north winds (15 to 20 knots) so move on we did. Much to my dismay our lazy start gave a couple of other boats the step on us for the best anchorage in the bay. So it…

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