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Understanding Lithium Battery Charging

A ridiculous amount of time has been spent studying the electrical system on my boat. The lithium batteries brought a whole other level of research to ensure I didn’t create a safety hazard. I make no promises to the accuracy of this information but I am reasonable certain it is accurate. Seven days in, I typically don’t see the voltage…

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Seawind 1160 Electrical Schematic (Wiring Diagram)

Wow, this drawing turned into an epic project. I started with the current Seawind 1160 electrical schematic (thank you Seawind for providing the DC drawing!). My boat had a second inverter installed plus my solar upgrades and lithium batteries. Spent a good deal of time tracing wires to confirm the accuracy of my schematic drawing and even fixed a couple…

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Maritime Letter of Authorization

After searching very hard I finally located a sample Maritime Letter of Authorization. CERTIFICATE MARITIME LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN; This document is a letter of permission designating [Type text] as CAPTAIN of the sailing vessel [Type text] United States Coast Guard I.D. #: [Type text] Hull Number: [Type text] Manufacturer: [Type text]. Model: [Type text] HOME…

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