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More storms and some sailing

Technically Tuesday, at 1:00am the wind piped up from the west. Of course this was un-forecast and meant we were on a lee shore. I was up for about an hour before the wind mellowed enough for me to be comfortable to fall asleep. Of course the residual waves lasted much longer but Strikhedonia and the other three boats stay…

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Stormy night in Isla Coronado

Rain, rain and more rain. That is the theme. Such an unusual Fall in the Baja. But we persevere. Jack and I braved the rain to dinghy in for a last shower and to drop off the key card. By the time the staff arrived there was quite a line of cruisers waiting to do the same and get out…

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Waiting out Tropical Storm Raymond

The day started a bit early with a bit of rain splattering on my face at 1:00am. Guess the storm is approaching… Hatches closed we had steady rain the rest of the night. At this point I was kicking myself for not grocery stopping last night since there is a bridge that is washed out on the road to Loreto…

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