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Thank you for your interest in joining the crew of Strikhedonia. I congratulate you on your adventuresome spirit! After 18 months and 24 crew members I have a pretty good understanding of how to make sure the crew and I have a wonderful, safe and exciting time together.

Please take some time to read through the information below:
Upcoming Trips
Crew Contributions
Crew Shirt
Crew Reviews

Upcoming Trips

Upcoming 2018 trips in Mexico:

Trip 4 – October/November 2018 (6 weeks)
Start – San Carlos October 25th
End – Loreto November 30th
Queen berth – Open
Twin berth – Open

Past 2018 trips:

Trip 1 – February/March 2018 (9 days)
Start – Puerto Vallarta February 28th
End – Barre de Navidad March 8th
Queen berth – BOOKED
Twin berth – BOOKED

Trip 2 – March 2018 (11 days)
Start – Barre de Navidad March 15th
End – Puerto Vallarta March 25th
Queen berth – BOOKED
Twin berth – BOOKED

Trip 3 – April/May 2018 (4 weeks)
Start – Puerto Vallarta April 28th
End Loreto/Puerto Escondido May 24th
Queen berth – BOOKED
Twin berth – BOOKED

Crew Contributions

Crew contribution costs (per day), plus food:
Twin berth (stern) single $20 or couple $40
Queen berth (private head/bathroom) single $20 or couple $40
At the end of the trip we will thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the boat, this typically takes 3-5 hours depending on the number of people aboard.

Crew Shirt

Everyone gets a crew shirt at the end of the successful trip!

Crew Information

Please read both of these posts before contacting us:

Link Information, what you can expect

Link How to secure that bunk, a rough guide to finding crew positions on cruising sailboats

Still interested in joining us? Great! Please send us an email and we can share more information and answer any of your questions, email

Crew Reviews

Crew Reviews
“Sailing on Strikhedonia was such an incredible experience! Chris taught me everything I know about sailing and took our crew to swim with sea lions, dolphin watching, sea turtle spotting and successfully navigated us through a bunch of unforeseen problems. Can’t wait for the next time I have an opportunity to sail on this ship!” – Janis (2017)

“Sailing Chris aboard the Strikhedonia is an incredible experience. A knowledgeable and fun captain along with a well kept vessel in the Sea of Cortez makes for an unforgettable time no matter what. I was able to learn more about sailing while still enjoying beautiful anchorages and a nice relaxing atmosphere. It was a great time and I can’t wait to get back.” – Harrison (2017)

“Thanks for having us on your boat. We’ll never look at a margarita the same way, hahaha. That was an amazing passage and if you ever need crew again let us know!” – Jeff and Jenifer (2018)

“Spending 8 days with Captain Chris and the Strikhedonia was an amazing experience. Chris is a great navigator and has patience of gold, allowing you to learn the ropes at your own pace. The boat is extremely organized and comfortable. We started our journey in PV and ended in Barra De Navidad. We anchored along the way at various Mexican beach towns and Chris was welcomed as a familiar face because of his warm and generous nature. My love for the sea and boat life has been enlightened in the most positive way, thanks Captain Chris for the memories of this fantastic journey, I will treasure them forever.” – Lori (2018)

“Crewing for Strikhedonia was a dream come true! The perfect mix of learning the ropes and relaxation amidst great company. Chris takes immaculate care of the boat making for very comfortable accommodations. The experience was unforgettable; getting to see so much wildlife, great food, cute local anchorages, it was hard not to stay!” – Katherine (2018)

“Sailing with captain Chris on Strikhedonia was an absolute blast! Although our trip was too short (it always is!), we saw everything we were hoping to see and more. From the waterfalls and baby humpback whales to the craziest St. Patrick’s day celebration, there was never a dull moment. Chris is an easygoing, adventurous, and experienced sailor who really made the experience great for both me and my girlfriend, who now shares the cruising dream with me!” – Aaron and Marketa (2018)

“Sailing with Chris and Strikhedonia was a perfect first time sailing experience. Chris not only told me everything I know about sailing, but we also overcame traumata of kayaking, he teached me how to catch some fish and showed us amazing parts of Mexico. If I ever have the chance again, I can’t wait to come back on the boat.” – Sabrina T, Germany (2018)

“Crewing on Strikhedonia with Chris was an amazing experience. Chris is super knowledgeable and safety-focused, so I felt super comfortable and safe the entire time even though this was my first experience sailing. We went to beautiful beaches that we had all to ourselves, went on some crazy hikes to gorgeous viewpoints, and got to see dolphins, rays, turtles, and whales! I highly recommend sailing with Chris if you have the opportunity, and I hope I’ll be able to come back some day.” – Jess L (2018)