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What do you know about anchoring?

This is going to be a big season with a lot of friends scheduled to visit Strikhedonia. I try to put together guides to help visitors learn about sailing and to give them an idea of what they are in for… Anchoring is probably the most important part of sailing, at least if you want to sleep at night, yet…

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Anchor Alarms for Android

So I had a shitty experience one night in San Evaristo. Whether it was the Coromuel or the Elephante winds it does not really matter, the result was the same – a long night. Starting just after 9:00 the wind kicked up, just as it had a few nights earlier when my Mantus anchor held like a rock, I diligently…

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Anchoring Punta Santo Tomas

Strikhedonia needed a little break from marina life so off went the dock lines and south we headed. With hurricane Linda off the coast, the swell was from the Southwest with light winds leaving us motoring the entire way. I had hoped that we would see a bit of on shore breeze once we cleared Cabo Banda. Maybe it was…

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