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St. Patricio’s Dia

Insanity, that is the best word I can use to describe St. Patrick’s day in St. Patricio. How else can one describe a crowded town square with everyone chasing bottle rockets, spinning balls of flames, and toros? This was my kind of celebration. The trip to St. Patricio (neighbor to Melaque and a few miles from Barra de Navidad) began…

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Where did the time go?

Well it has been 15 months of boat ownership. I’ve been lucky to form a bond with Strikhedonia and learn her mannerisms, likes, and dislikes without causing her any harm. Stuff breaks. Stuff gets fixed. Sail a bit. Eat tacos. And repeat. This is an accurate summary of our time together. A few highlights… Delivery day! A beautiful Mexican sunset…

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The Hero’s Journey

Last year I had a discussion about how the human mind is wired with a close friend. She is a doctor, so I probably should have just taken what she said and accepted it. But that isn’t my way. The discussion centered around how humans connect with stories of the “Hero’s Journey.” That whether the story is a book or…

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